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The Cork Company

In 2024, Brighton Website Designs had the privilege of collaborating with Brighton based, The Cork Company, renowned for their eco-friendly cork products. Our partnership was forged with the mutual goal of refining their online presence to mirror the quality and sustainability of their offerings.

Recognising the pivotal role of user experience in online shopping, our initial focus was on implementing strategic updates to their Shopify website. These enhancements were meticulously designed to streamline navigation, simplify the purchase process, and make product information more accessible, thereby fostering a more engaging and intuitive shopping environment for customers. Our objective was not just to beautify the interface but to create a user-centric digital ecosystem that encourages exploration and, ultimately, conversion.

Additionally we have provided SEO support and advice with backlinks to the site analysed improve SEO rankings.

Type: SEO, Shopify, Web Consultancy
The Cork Company - Desktop preview
The Cork Company - Shop Preview
The Cork Company - Mobile preview
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